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The Beginning

I started Greys Bike Co. back in 2018 as a way to provide riders with a great product at a great price.  I have spent more than half my life being actively involved in the mountain bike/ racing community as a Pro Downhill and Enduro rider and racer.

In my 20’s I was working full time, attending college as a full-time student, as well as trying to race and complete at the top of the Pro category in Downhill.  Trying to find money to live on, pay bills, as well as get the very expensive bikes and components that I would need to compete was a struggle.  I did have sponsors, but they were not able to assist me in the way I had hoped.  Because of these factors, I wished someone would come out with a raceable bike at a better price point.

Fast forward to 2018- being far from my racing prime, I wanted to focus on how I can make a difference in the sport that I love, which marked the beginning of Greys.  When trying to come up with a name and theme for my brand, it was fairly easy. I decided to combine my two favorite topics- Bikes and the Paranormal (mostly the Alien phenomena). In this short time, many riders have decided to give my brand a try and are happy they have done so.


-David Flynn- Owner Greys Bike Co., LLC

About the Frames

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At Greys, I use what is referred to as an “Open Mold” Carbon frame designs.  This simply means that the frames I use are designs that many other brands and manufactures also use.  However, there’s a big variation in pricing and quality from the different factories from which these products are made.  After lots of research and trying out different frames from many different factories/ manufactures, I have done all of the hard work for you.  It is possible that you will find frames that look similar to a Greys at a different price however, they might not be of the same quality and might not be built to the same standards.  You can be assured that if you choose to ride a Greys, these frames are of the highest quality and are assembled and painted locally here in New England. 

By supporting Greys, you also support myself, the fine local shops where they are sold, as well as a company that provides the best paint in the business.  It is for this reason I would ask you to consider choosing a Greys for your next bike- A local brand that stands by their product and supports the community.

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